Small change

As I mentioned before, I’ll be starting grad school next month. Actually, this time next month I’ll be getting the last few things together to prepare for the first day of class on the 24th. That gives me less than a month to get things ready for DragonCon. Which means I have to make one small change to the line-up. The Fangirl.

She is not done. She needs more time and money than I have right now to get her done properly. I could probably rush and get her done in time, but I just don’t feel comfortable with that thought. But the replacement was an easy choice. It was actually what I was planning to do before finding out we were going to have two Doctors. Christmas Invasion Ten.

A post on David Tennant’s Facebook Page yesterday made the choice even easier. It’s been ten years since they filmed that episode. (Awesome pictures for reference, btw) Which means it’s been ten years since that episode aired. I think it’s a good time to bring back CI Ten, this time complete with scarf! I just either need to get a Camelbak (or something similar) or invest in some Under Armour and drink water whenever possible in the time surrounding the parade. Actually, now that I look at my options, I think I’m going to try the UA HeatGear fitted shirt. I’m worried about overcompressing if I use the compression shirt.

Anyway, I want to make sure the Fangirl is done properly, which means having the time and money to do so. CI Ten is done. Well, I need to get some new slippers, but that’s no big deal. I’m so much more relaxed for DragonCon now. I’m actually really excited about bringing CI Ten back because he looks so much better than when I first wore him. It’s going to be nice!

Now I just need to get some contacts….


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