I’m back!

We have the internet and cable again! But more importantly, we’re I’m getting the living room cleaned up! This is important because that’s where I end up cutting and ironing my fabrics. The Fangirl’s been on hold recently because I had to go get more fabric. That just killed the focus I had. I was even considering just doing Christmas Invasion Ten for DragonCon. But now that I’ve got the living room clean(er) again, I think I’m going to get back to work on her. Hopefully later this week.

Speaking of DragonCon, I really should start to get things together for it. Just going through and getting all the clothing set aside is going to help a lot. Actually, now that I think about it, the tub that it’s going to go into is empty and waiting. Perfect! I can start getting packed for DC a month and a half in advance. Awesome!

I’m really excited and motivated now! Now if I could just get enough money to pay for the convention I’ll be good.


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