I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about my costumes. The ones I’ve finished. The ones I’m working on. The ones I’ve figured out how to get done but haven’t actively worked on. I’ve been trying to figure out which ones to wear to which convention. And that’s when I noticed it.

There are a handful of costumes that are faithfully based on the original character that I feel confident and have fun wearing.  Only a handful that I get excited at the thought of wearing. The other costumes I get excited about are the ones where I’ve put my spin on it. The ones that are truly my ‘living fan art’.

It’s helping me a lot. It’s helping me focus on which costumes to work on and which to wait on. It’s helping me decide when to wear what costume. Although Halloween is still up in the air since I have no idea what I’ll be doing at that point. But it’s really helping me focus.

Speaking of focus, mine is still on the Fangirl. She’s just waiting right now. I thought I had some spare lining fabric. Turns out I do, but it’s all bits and pieces. Tomorrow I’m heading to work to get a yard of lining that between the sale price and my employee discount I’ll be spending $4 max on it. One of the perks of working at Jo-Ann’s. The problem with working at Jo-Ann’s is constantly being surrounded by fabric and craft supplies that are on sale with a bunch of coupons in your pocket and your inbox and an employee discount.

I can’t wait to get this skirt and bustle done! Once it’s done, I’m going to get working on the umbrella again. I don’t want to have parts lying around half finished. Then, on to the shrug. I just hope I don’t have to make too many alterations. I want to have this costume finished so I can put it all on and see how amazing it looks!

Then, the focus will return to the Dude! 😀


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