Well, that changes things.

Yesterday it was announced that not only will Sylvester McCoy be coming back to DragonCon, but Paul McGann will be going as well.


That was my reaction when I read it yesterday. Soon after I realized that since I’m going to get to add two more autographs to my 500 Year Diary, I need to get my Fangirl finished. Actually that thought hit me after I realized I need to get listening to Eight’s audio adventures. But that’s not the point.

The point is I’m going to try to get the new Fangirl done for DragonCon. It’s really not going to be too bad. I’ve got One, Four, War, Nine, and Eleven finished. Eight, Seven, Six, Five, and Three are almost done. It’s Two, Ten, and Twelve that need the most work. And they’re all using the B style of the pattern there on the left.

Two and Ten are going to be contributing to the skirt. Two is gong to be the main part with some great mini-houndstooth calico. Ten is going to be the ruffles in the back with the blue pinstripe suit fabric. Originally I wanted to reverse it, but I need more for the main part than I have Ten fabric to spare. I’ve got Ten’s fabric. Tonight I bought enough Two fabric to do the ruffles. Then I got home and really looked at the pattern and realized I’d have to switch the two. I’m going to get another three yards tomorrow so I can get working on the skirt.

Twelve is the shrug. It just screams Twelve. Between the lapels and the lining showing in the lower sleeves, it couldn’t be anyone but Twelve. Thankfully I have the fabric for Twelve. I’m definitely going to get started on that this week.

Hopefully I’ll be posting updates more often now that I have this costume to get together for DragonCon. A lot of work will be happening in the next couple of months!


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