The Ten Coat: Research

Ever since I found out that I can get Ten coat fabric at Jo-Ann’s, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make it myself. Like I’ve mentioned before, the Abby Shot coat looks good, but it’s just not the right fabric. That really bugs me. Being made of wool, a thicker wool by the looks of it, it does not lay like the fabric does on the original coat.

Last night I decided to start reading Steve Ricks’ blog Making My Tennant Coat from the beginning. It is the place to go if you are thinking of making a coat of your own. I’m just up to the point where he’s starting to assemble his Mk. IV coat after making a test coat. Reading through the process of the test coat has reinforced that I need to make a test coat first.

There is going to be so much work put into this coat. Seeing as I have no idea where to start making a pattern from scratch, I’m going to start with the same pattern I used for Harry’s Inverness coat. I’m also going to try to find a book or two that can guide me in this process of altering a pattern so I don’t have to use a ton of muslin before I get it right.

But reading Steve’s blog really helps. I now have a much better idea of all the details that went into that coat. I’m also mentally keeping track of little things that I might be able to get away with leaving out. Just little things that don’t affect the overall look, but wouldn’t make the coat completely screen accurate. Which I am fine with. I have realized that there are some things that don’t need to be completely screen accurate. The overall accurate look is what I’m going for.

So, slowly, soon I’ll be posting about my own journey toward making my Ten Coat. I’m hoping between reading Steve’s journey and notes, and taking my time, I’ll be able to create the coat I want to go with my Blue suit and finally have the Tenth Doctor outfit I’ve been wanting for years.


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