Gaz changes

Being at Marcon gave me time to mull over costumes in my head and Gaz kept floating up to the top of my thoughts. I think I’ve finally nailed the outfit down. Well, maybe not nailed, but figured out the basic parts that will be there in one way or another. Looking over my posts, it seems I’ve made quite a few changes and additions, so I’ll just give a new rundown.

First, there’s the Coachman’s hat. I love that hat and it’s going to look perfect with Gaz. I’m going to get an ostrich plume for the hat. I love the look of those feathers and the hat just screams for it. Well, when it’s on Gaz. I’d like to get a purple one, but it’ll probably be black. We’ll find out!

Second is one thing that hasn’t changed: the wig. I put too much time into straightening that Ferrari to not use it. Hehe. But seriously, it’s the perfect wig for Gaz.

Next, the choker. I made a cute choker with some beads I have and the celtic knot skulls pendant. It looks good. I may tweak it slightly to get it more how I want it. But it’s good the way it is right now.

Fourth, shirts. After a little miscommunication and frustration at the beginning of the year, I finally got the hoodie I ordered to wear for Ohayocon. It is perfect! I’m just going to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath it. I decided the corset was just not quite needed here.

Now we go lower down to the skirt. I have been struggling to figure out what to do here. For a while I was thinking leggings alone, leggings with a skirt, a long skirt. But I’ve finally settled on a knit black skirt I have that will work wonderfully with this look.

Finally, the legs. Once I settled on the skirt everything else just fell into place. I’m going to get some good nylons to cover the inches of leg that will show between the skirt and the socks. The socks are a great pair of Leg Avenue black and purple striped knee highs. To finish things off, I’ll wear my flats that I use for the First Doctor Bathing Beauty.

Oh! I somehow almost forgot my awesome walking stick! I don’t know how I could forget the wonderful black stick topped with a silver skull. It’s going to be that great little touch that really will make the outfit that much cooler.

I’m thinking of trying to either find or make a little bag that I can throw essentials into yet goes right with the outfit. I love my Con Bag of Holding, but I feel like it would kinda take away from the overall look. I am really looking forward to getting this together and hoping it looks as good as I think so I can take it to DragonCon and have a blast!


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