Website updates

Lately I haven’t been making a big deal of it, but I have a website that goes with this blog. The name is the same, Cosplay Notes, but the purpose is different. It is where I try to keep a detailed record of the costumes. Here I talk about the progress and such. There is where I have source pics, an overview of the costume, a breakdown of what materials were used and where they came from if possible, and any pictures of the finished costume.

Recently I decided to give the site a complete overhaul. I’m still working on it. You can still access the site, but it’s limited. As I get a costume page done, I get it linked up, and refresh the site. This not only updates the overall look, but gets all the pages in the same format. Over the years I keep changing how I want the pages to look, but those changes have been getting smaller as time goes by. I’m hoping I’ve finally settled on how I want everything to look.

So, if you’ve been curious about an outfit or costume, hop on over to the site. All the changes are done and everything is there for all to see. Both good and bad. (cringes)


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