Marcon 50: The Props

After the “Choosing Fabrics” panel, I had “Props, Props, and More Props”. This time it was guys of Fyberdyne Laboratories who were the panelists.

These guys are amazing. They each have their strength and they work together to make amazing costumes and props. They brought a bunch of the props they’ve made with them and talked about how they do these things. While they are amazing pieces and costumes, I admit I didn’t really learn anything specific from them. But they did remind me of something important when making props and costumes: keep an open mind.

What goes into making the final product may not be what you think you need in the beginning. For example: taking a Kindle Keyboard and turning it into a Hitchhiker’s Guide. I was sitting there when something hit me. For my Dude on the Grid outfit, I want to have a glass with a blue “beverage” and a blue LED ice cube. I’ve been trying to find a way of having it look like there’s liquid in it but leaving the ice cube free to move around in it. I realized something important in that panel: I can make two different glasses, one for the halls and one for the stage.

The one for the halls will simply have blue on the inside of the glass to allow for free movement of the ice cube. This will keep it light so I don’t have to worry about weight. It’ll also make me happy in the halls. The one for the stage isn’t going to be seen up close. Yes, the judges will probably see it up close before the contest, but on stage no one is going to be remotely close. I can get some resin, tint it blue, and suspend a LED ice cube in it so the button is exposed. That way I can turn it off and on as needed. Also it’ll look great from a distance and impress the judges. This outfit is really starting to combine a lot of different costuming techniques and media. I may have a chance at placing with it.

They’ve given me a whole new way of looking at making props.


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