Marcon 50: The Fabric

Like I mentioned before, I learned a lot at Marcon this year.

My first panel on Friday was “Choosing Fabrics”. I figured between my costuming and working at Jo-Ann’s, I should go. I am so glad I did. I knew two of the three panelists, one through Prydon Academy and the other lives here in town. Two great resources! I now know a lot more about fabrics and will be relying on Jo-Ann’s more as a fabric source. No one has ever talked about Jo-Ann’s in such a positive light and so much in my experience. Usually they talk about other stores that aren’t around here or websites. These three proved that Jo-Ann’s has plenty to offer, you just have to know how to look for fabrics there.

There were three big pieces of information I got from that panel. First, I now know what fabric to use to make a proper Tenth Doctor coat. In the home decor fabric, there is taupe suede. It is the most accurate fabric out there. I’m not going to say it is the fabric that was used, but it is probably exactly like it. Now I just need to figure out a pattern, save up money, and get that coat made. I am so excited! I was planning to settle for the AbbyShot coat that is also available on ThinkGeek. I say settle because it’s made from wool. Anyone who watches Doctor Who can see it is not wool!

Also, I can use the fabric to make the hakama for my Doctor in Kimono. That really has changed my approach to the rest of the outfit. The fabric for the haori is the same as the suit fabric. I’m going to go ahead and use Kona cotton for the juban, for lack of a better term. Since there’s going to be a couple, it’ll be good for my budget too. I can’t wait to get started on this outfit!

Second, I have a hope of getting a good leather coat made for Harry! Jo-Ann’s has vinyl that looks like real leather on both sides without the cost or weight of real leather. This is what I need for Harry’s coat. When I mentioned that’s what I’d be using it for, it was unanimous that I need to use the vinyl instead of real leather. I’m guessing it’s also back in the home decor department because what we’ve got up in apparel is not light at all. Now I just have to figure out what to use for his Warden’s cape and either find or make a simple black backpack.

Third, linen is going to be my new best friend. Linen not only soaks up the sweat, but it allows it to evaporate. That’s why it helps people stay cool. I am going to look into using it to line the Dude’s sweater. I’ve been planning to line it to give the solid white inside from TRON: Legacy, provide a place for pockets, and have somewhere to put the magnets to keep the disc on his back. Linen would help to keep me cool during the day and especially up on stage, when I eventually get up the courage to do it.

I also have a great chart that breaks down the basic fabric types and I think I need to laminate it and take it with me to work it’s so full of information. It is definitely going with me any time I’m not quite sure what to get.

That panel has lit a fire under me and I am eager to get going on my costumes. Now if I just had the money to go with that fire.


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