Marcon 50: The Costumes

Marcon 50 was amazing. And some of the best moments of the weekend were due to my costume choices.

On Friday I was Dr. Abbey. I had a Literary Costuming panel followed by the Alternative Zombies panel. Dr. Abbey was the obvious choice. When I walked in to the room before the Literary Costuming panel, the previous panel’s panelists were chatting with attendees and one of my fellow panelists was already there.

When I walked up to the table, I noticed something. She was wearing a lab coat over an orange t-shirt with “Do not taunt the octopus” on it. When she looked up, we were both stunned for a minute and then started laughing. We were both dressed as Dr. Abbey! I said I was glad I went with my CEPHALOPODS UNION #462 shirt. At least people weren’t seeing double.

Double Dr. Abbeys
Don’t we look good?

Saturday wasn’t quite as successful. With prompting, one person did recognize me as Tim. I think I’m going to keep Tim set aside unless I know that he will be recognized. Part of wearing costumes, for me, is that recognition factor because I know I’ve found another fan. Tim just doesn’t have an easily recognizable look. But it was fun being him again.

Sunday wasn’t very long, but it was fun. I was Harry because I was on the Harry Dresden panel. I made two of my fellow panelists smile broadly when I handed them my business card. One of them wants to do a Butters costume for next year, including the Polka Suit if possible. Even if he doesn’t get the suit done, it’d be awesome to have a Butters to go with my Harry!

I also learned a lot about fabrics and got some great ideas for costumes, but that’s another post. For now, I’m going to keep looking forward and get the DragonCon costumes ready to go!


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