Marcon 50 Preparation: Part 1

I have finally gotten around to doing some costume preparation for the convention. I’ve been so worried about the panels I’m going to be on that I had been putting off what I’ll be wearing to said panels.

I had the day off on Tuesday, so I was planning to work on Harry’s staff. I’ve been wanting to get the stain sanded off and smooth out the knots. After about an hour of driving around trying to find sandpaper, I bought what I needed and some masks and headed home. Unfortunately Tuesday was a very windy day. The radio said it was reaching 45 mph at times. I did not need sawdust flying into my eyes in an instant.

Instead I got to work on Harry’s wig. Since I bought it, it has needed work. I’ve always tried to get away with hair spray and gel to get the look I wanted. Recently I’ve realized that I need to sit down and trim the thing. I have never trimmed a wig all over before and I was starting to worry about how long it would take. But I found my groove and really started to make progress.

Then my hubby texted and the groove disappeared. I’ve only got one side left and a going over to make sure it looks good and even. It looks so much better already. I’m looking forward to getting it finished. It’s really going to help the overall look.

Today I have the day off again. This time I worked on the staff. I have pretty much worn out the coarser grit sandpapers trying to get the stain off. It’s not completely gone, but it looks much better. I got the shine off and got most of the stain off as well. I think a quick going over with a power sander will finish things off. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that before the convention, but I don’t mind. It looks quite good.

I’m really happy with how Harry is finally coming together, after all these years.


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