Set in stone!

Usually I wait until the convention to set my plans in stone, but Marcon 50 is an exception. I signed up to be on a few panels and two of them were going to have coordinating costumes if I got to be on them. Well, I am! And thankfully they’re on different days, right now, so I, hopefully, won’t have to be changing madly during the day. This is going to be so awesome!

The plans:
Friday – Dr. Shannon Abbey
Saturday – Arthur Dent
Sunday – Harry Dresden

This means two things. Well, three. First, I need to find where Dr. Abbey’s lab coat went. Second, I need to get Dr. Abbey’s new shirts made. Third, I need to get Harry’s wig in shape. Oh yeah, I forgot one important thing. Fourth, I need to get Harry’s staff in better shape. I need to get busy!


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