The Doctor: Post-Regeneration

The instant the regeneration process finished, there was this extremely hot guy standing there with a leather jacket on. Yes, I fell in love with his looks before I knew what the Tenth Doctor would be like. Can you blame me?

When I got my leather jacket for Death and Didi, I realized that it looks close enough to the Ninth Doctor’s jacket and that Ten wears it for a few minutes after the regeneration process finishes. So I took another look at the outfit and it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be.

The wig is the Rufio in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs. I feel I’ve already talked enough about that. ($30)

I had the coat already from Goodwill (for Didi), so no cost there. Eventually I may get one of the Nine coats, especially since his coat seems to have regenerated along with the rest of him. Really! Look at it! It’s not distressed at all. (Under $10)

I looked and looked and looked at Goodwill for a black v-neck sweater. Nothing. Finally I gave up and went to Amazon where I found a great sweater. It has a little texture to it, but it looks great. And it’s 100% cotton which means it’ll breathe in the Labor Day weekend heat and humidity. ($18.02)

For pants, since I’m going with the overall close-enough look, I’m just going with my black jeans. But I am trying to find some black Dockers which are much more accurate.

I really lucked out on the boots. I had bought some black work boots from Payless for Harry Dresden a few years ago. Turns out they are the best option if you can’t afford the actual style he wore. Love it! ($34.99)

Is it the most recognizable of his looks? No. But how often do you see someone doing a newly regenerated Doctor? It’s too irresistible!


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