Changing Plans

I don’t know why I ever bother to post my plans anywhere until it actually happens. Oh well.

A lot of factors have had me thinking about a lot of decisions I’ve made. Plans for conventions and retiring costumes were at the top of the list. I decided to bring a couple back from retirement. I also started looking at my list and began to rethink my choices for DragonCon this year.

I think there were two factors. Well maybe not factors as much as costumes. Barcelona Ten and Death. Like I mentioned before, I decided to bring Barcelona Ten out of retirement. Then the make-up arrived and I was all excited about doing Death again.

I started to look at my chart to maybe switch two costumes out for those two when I noticed something. There are a lot of costumes that I haven’t done in a while. I’ve been so focused on a few costumes and on getting others finished and out there that I’ve completely ignored a lot. That made me stop and rethink my approach to choosing what to wear next.

Well, not next per say. My plans for Marcon have remained unchanged. Arthur, Harry, and Dr. Abbey just feel like the right costumes to wear. But my plans for DragonCon have changed. A little. My original plan was the First Doctor Bathing Beauty, Christmas Invasion Ten, debut Gaz, and do Tim Bisley again. But Tim has seen a bit of recent action, so I decided to pull him.

I was tempted to swap in Barcelona Ten, but I realized I wore him to both Marcon and DragonCon last year while Christmas Invasion Ten hasn’t been out since 2011. While trying to figure out where I could fit in Death, I noticed that Didi has only been worn once at my first Ohayocon in 2012. So I added her to the line-up. I figure Death can wait for Marcon next year since I probably won’t have my TNG uniform by then. Also, after a friend’s compliments on my Dawn, I decided to add her as well. She did get a lot of compliments when I first wore her in 2012, so I decided why not!

Now my approach (with the exception of next year) is to make sure everyone is getting convention time and only bringing out one new costume per convention. This way there is good circulation of all the costumes and it will help me space out the new costumes while I’m in school and unable to get many more finished.

And then there’s Halloween… But that’s a completely different problem.


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