Make-up Test!

After watching a recent episode of FaceOff, I decided to look into Kryolan Aquacolor to use for Death. I have been trying to find something that will cover without caking and is easy to apply. Aquacolor looked like it would work.

So I went over to and took a look at what they had. I ended up ordering a little more than I had originally planned, but it’s going to be so worth it. I know because it arrived today!

I bought a 30ml white Aquacolor, a 4ml black Aquacolor refill, round makeup sponge, natural makeup sponge, and a brush. I only wanted a little bit of black, since I’ll only be using it for Death and Dawn. Which is what the brush is for. I need to be able to paint in lines, and I figured a brush is the way to go. The natural sponge is for applying the white. The round sponge is possibly for general makeup application. If not, it’ll probably be for the final layer of white.

I couldn’t resist trying out the white once I got things opened. I love it! It goes on really well and doesn’t cake on. I can easily do my arms and still be comfortable. That means I have more options for Death! I can finally do Death in a t-shirt from the end of the series without having to worry about how my arms will be white. A quick layer of sealer and I’ll be good to go!

Here’s how the test turned out:

Here’s the top of my arm with multiple coats. I think letting it dry a little more between coats will help to get more solid color.

This is the underside of my arm with just one coat. Not bad, right?

It washes off with soap and water, which makes cleaning up so much easier. I’m looking forward to doing Death more often. This is going to be fun!


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