A year or so ago I bought a new wig for Ten. It was Arda Wigs’ Rufio in Chocolate. The style was perfect for Ten and I hoped that Chocolate would be the right color. It wasn’t as dark as I was hoping, but I was trying not to let my perfectionist tendencies to get a hold of me.

Until I saw how it looked in photos.

I couldn’t ignore it any longer. That hair color just does not work for Ten. It’s not dark or brown enough. So when I was looking at what colors they have for Rufio now, which is a lot more than when I first ordered one, I was ecstatic to note that they had it in Spanish Brown. I quickly found the swatch on my ring and studied it until I was sure it was the right color.

It arrived recently. It is perfect. The color is perfect. The style is a great start that gets even better with steam and product. I’ve only used the steamer once, but it’s already starting to look better. More Ten-like. I’m planning to work on it at least once more with the steamer before I try to go in with product. Ideally, the product will simply add the final touch to the look rather than create the style.

I decided to take it for a simple test run to ‘choir’ practice at church. I put it on and looked in the mirror. Perfect! It looks amazing without any product in it. It still needs more work with the steamer, but I’m right: the product will simply be a final touch, not a part of creating the style.


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