Shopping spree!

Between yesterday and today a lot of money was spent. I love it!

Yesterday I was finally able to order my Next Generation uniform! Now if can just arrive before DragonCon next year I’ll be a very happy Trekkie!

After that I went to Ulta to get restocked on my make-up. After much looking and searching for non-glittery or shimmery eyeshadow, and comparing foundations I finally got the basics to restock my kit. For me, the basics are:

  • Foundation, male
  • Foundation, female
  • Primer
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Finishing powder
  • Brown shadows (for male contouring)
  • Orange shadow (for Tim)
  • Black shadow
  • Mascara
  • Liquid liner
  • Light lipstick
  • Dark lipstick

This, with my white eyeliner and lip stain that didn’t get thrown out, gives me enough make-up to do everyone’s basics, aside from Death. And it’s all the same brand! Well, aside from the lip stain. I just hope it all works as well as I’m thinking it will. I’m so excited to have an actual highlighter now. It should bring an extra level to my make-ups now. I know what I’ll be working on in the next month and a half before Marcon. I don’t want to be spending hours on getting the make-up right when I have a panel to get to.

Today was a bit of an unexpected purchase. While watching The Night of the Doctor I got the great idea to do a younger War Doctor. Go clean shaven, less beat up clothing, and hair that isn’t gray. I started looking for pictures of John Hurt when he was younger to make sure I got the hair color right. I also pulled up the Rufio page on Arda Wigs to make sure I could match the color.

Turns out I already have the right color. The Rufio in Chocolate that I originally bought for Ten will work great! But how the color looks in the sun, let alone inside, just doesn’t quite say Ten for me. That’s when I found it. They’ve expanded the colors that the Rufio is available in since I ordered the wig the first time. They have it in a color that it definitely Ten. So I ordered it.

This is great! I’ll have a more color accurate Ten wig and a wig that will work for the War Doctor when I can afford to start assembling him.

The War Doctor isn’t a new costume thought. I’ve figured he’d be another great costume that I can age into. But it was established that he looked much younger when he first regenerated. So by getting everything while I’m younger, it allows for time to naturally age the parts and they’ll look even better once I’m closer to the right age. And who knows, there might be more gray wigs available by then!


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