Monkey Wrench

Well, my plans for Ohayocon have been partially derailed. It turns out that the amazing shirt I ordered to finish off Gaz was out of stock when I ordered it. I’ll get it next month. Why you would let someone order something that wasn’t in stock baffles me.

I have really been looking forward to debuting Gaz. I was trying to figure out how to still wear her to the convention, but I realized two things: I don’t want to make a change just so I can wear her; getting the shirt later will give me time to really finish things off.

I think I’m going to go with my genderbend Piro. She’s been done and ready to go but I just haven’t felt the right time for her. I think that’s this weekend. It’s comfortable clothing. There’s a bag as a part of the costume, so I don’t have to worry about the bag looking out of place.

I’m going to move Gaz to DragonCon. I can see how the shirt looks with everything else and have plenty of time to tweak and make sure she’s ready to go.

I guess I need to get some laundry done sometime soon.


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