Change of plans

That’s really not a new theme around here, but that’s part of the creative process, right?

Anyway, remember how I posted about doing a ‘Japanese Ten’? Well, I had posted the idea on Prydon Academy and the other day someone posted with the solution to my problems!

I was going at this from the wrong angle. I was focusing on making the blue pinstripe into the yukata, which is what was tripping me up. They suggested that I could make that the haori and make the kimono the color of one of his shirts instead. Then I could make the pants the color of the coat to finish it off.

Being me, I’ve got it all figured out. I’ve figured out three different kimono to provide variety. I’ve already got the pinstripe. For the brown, it’s simply a case of looking at the colors in person and figuring out which one is right. I’m hoping to have a few haori himo that reflect the ties he wears to go with the different kimono. I found some maroon tabi at Sock Dreams. The most expensive part is going to be the footwear. Right now I’m leaning toward tatami zori because I’ll feel comfortable enough to run in them, which is important for the Doctor.

I’m really liking the idea of Ten in Japanese attire. It’d be really comfortable for DragonCon and it will definitely be unique. Also, seeing as I’ll be making the clothing, only buying the accessories, I’ll be able to enter it into competitions that have higher levels of craftsmanship expectations. And being unique, it’ll stick out, hopefully in a good way. 😀


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