Competition Contemplation

I’ve been seriously thinking of entering a couple of competitions this year. I guess I’m to that point where I’m confident and comfortable with my costumes that I actually want to put them on stage for all to see.

This year Ohayocon has their Found Item category for the Masquerade. They only allow Found Item costumes every other year. Costumes “that are not at least 60% handcrafted by participant” are considered Found Item. Considering most of my costumes, especially those I’m wearing to the convention this year, fall into that category, I thought I’d give it a try. The costume I have in mind is Gaz for two reasons. First, Hazel and Kyo are really simple: t-shirt, pants, wig. Second, my take on Gaz is original, which will help me to stand out. Also she’s a character that will be known, but probably not cosplayed much. Especially in that category. If I don’t place, no big deal. But I figure it’s a good start.

For Marcon, I’ve got two options: Harry and Arthur. Arthur would definitely qualify more on the craftsmanship side of things since I made the clothes, modified the cover, and styled the wig. Harry has less craftsmanship, but is really well done, in my opinion. I guess I’ll decided when things get closer.

I’m seriously considering attending Origins Game Fair for one day simply for the costume competition. A friend really wants the two of us to enter together, so I have no idea what I’d be entering for that. Although, he could probably throw together a Stargate uniform and we could enter those. I’ve got lots of options for that one, it all depends on what he wants to do.

I doubt I’m going to enter one of the big competitions for DragonCon. I’ve got a few I’m working on that I’m planning to enter, but they’re not done yet. But there is a BritTrack costume competition. And I’ll have three costumes I could enter into that, but it’ll probably be Christmas Invasion Ten since it’s the same day as the parade.

Right now, it’s not that important to me to win anything. Just getting up there on stage and getting comfortable is the important thing. I want to be able to look calm and comfortable when I’m entering one of those costumes I’m working on. Practice is the goal right now. And if I happen to win anything, it’s a bonus.


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