I’ve been thinking

On the long drive home from Florida on Sunday, I had some time to think. Random thoughts were flying through my head and I found myself thinking of my Gaz costume. It always felt like something was missing. Then it hit me, I was coming at it from the wrong angle.

She’s still going to be Gaz as an adult, but I’ve been trying to figure out more age-appropriate clothing that matches what she wears on the show. But while I was driving, the idea of adding a hat and walking stick just made it click, finally! I was thinking of going the route of Gaz being into Steampunk, but all I could think of was adding goggles. That just doesn’t seem right. So I thought I’d just stick with the hat and walking stick.

Thankfully I know that I can pick up a nice walking stick at Ohayocon. If I can manage that on the first day of the convention, I’ll be able to debut her on Saturday! Now I just have to figure out how to have my phone and my tablet on me while in costume. What can I say, it seems very fitting for Gaz to have tech on her.

I am so excited! I haven’t been this excited about Gaz. Ever!


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