Success and Doh!

Cross-posted from Doctor Who Fangirl.

I now have all but two, possibly three, items
I now have the majority of what I need to complete the costume. But I’ve had a couple of thoughts and have made a few changes. Where to start…

While looking through the fabrics, I decided to change Nine from a corset to a vest. The idea has always been niggling at the back of my mind. I finally bought some good-looking pleather, now I just need a pattern.

Then, after I got all the fabric cut, I realized something. A dress shirt, a knit shirt, and a pleather vest. That’s one too many layers and one had to go. The easiest thing to change is Five. As much as I like the idea of the knit shirt standing in for the sweater, the dress shirt and bow tie is all I can think of for Eleven. So I’ll just knit up a new piece of celery for Five.

I’m also starting to seriously consider making a new hounds tooth skirt. There are some fabrics with a nice, finer pattern to them. It’s really tempting to use the pattern I’m using for the bolero/shrug and go with the shorter skirt’s pattern.

This new version just keeps changing. I love it!


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