Hazel Tellington

Girls With Slingshots #1
The very first Girls With Slingshots, and first appearance of Hazel.

Hazel Tellington
“The Lush”
Secret skill: English degree, hahaha.
Secret weapon: Disdain.
Her secret: She actually likes you.

Hazel is one of the main characters in the webcomic Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto. Her look has changed over time and I’m aiming more for this look:

I love Hazel. I see a lot of myself in Hazel, and in her wardroe. 😉

Talking with the author on her tour this summer made me realize how easy it would be to do a Hazel costume. Really I just need the wig, which will be used for Kyo as well. Everything else is just my wardrobe. At some point I may try to tackle that unicorn hat she’s wearing. But before that, I’ll probably either make or get myself a little plush McPedro, her talking Scirish (Scotts-Irish) cactus.

It’s really hard to explain, so you just need to go to the website and read the hilarious comic yourself!


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