Ever changing plans

It feels like every year I decide I’m not going to go to Ohayocon again. Yet, every year I end up going back. I am slowly learning to relax my attitude about Ohayocon. Yes, it began as an anime convention, and anime is still much of the focus, but it is slowly becoming a multi-genre convention. Last year I learned that I need to dress comfortably, which makes the convention more enjoyable as well as relieving the pressure of figuring out costumes to wear.

Well, I just figured out a probable list of costumes for Ohayocon (Hazel, Kyo, Dawn) because of a quick purchase.

This Halloween I decided to go with my genderbend Kyo for our friends’ party. That wig just drove me insane! I decided that I needed a ponytail wig for Kyo. I was going to go with one that I could french braid, but then I realized that both Kyo and Hazel have the same hair color. The difference is that Hazel has a curly ponytail while Kyo has straight hair. I decided to go ahead and order the Jeannie, which has a removable ponytail clip, and the curly clip from Arda. This way I can use the wig for both costumes without having to do a lot of work to change it.

I figure those three have quite simple and comfy outfits. Dawn’s got the most involved outfit outside of the wig with the rose and chain, but even those are simple. This might be my best Ohayocon yet. I’ll be wearing comfy costumes that I don’t care if anyone notices, and I’m not going to stress over attending. I’m just going to go and enjoy the show!

Oh, and for all of you wondering who Hazel is, I’ll be posting about her soon since she’s ready to go!


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