Tumble, tumble, tumble

I have been struggling with myself for a while. I love this; the one place where I can talk about all aspects of costuming. But I also like the idea of having dedicated blogs for each costume. A place where I can focus just on one. Yesterday I was working on teasing apart the posts here into their separate costumes on a blog on my website, but it just wasn’t quite what I wanted. Then I had a thought. And that thought was Tumblr.

I already have a Tumblr just for the Doctor Who Fangirl, why not other costumes? I don’t want to go through and give every single costume it’s own blog, but there were a few that stood out. I’ve added two costume Tumblrs: TRON: Legacy costumes, The Tenth Doctor. Neither one is dedicated solely to once costume, but rather a category. TRON: Legacy costumes encompasses both the Dude on the Grid and Kevin Flynn. I’m actively working on the Dude now and I have plans for a few Kevin Flynn costumes. The Tenth Doctor is, well, the Tenth Doctor. Because of my love for Ten and his varying outfits, I felt this was a good category to go with.

Now that I think about it, I might create one for my Pirogoeth cosplay. The process of bringing an original character to life would be an interesting one to sit down and document.

Anyway. I’m telling you all of this to let you know that I will be cross-posting all posts from the Tumblrs here. I’ll be tagging it as such at the beginning of the post, but I still want to have as much information located here as possible. That also means there may be multiple posts in one day. I don’t know if I’ll be bringing over any old info from the Fangirl’s Tumblr, since there’s quite a bit posted there. But I might do a quick Fangirl update post to get things even again.

I’m going to add links to the Tumblrs on the side, and I’ll post if when I add any others.


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