The Abiding has begun

And already I’ve run into a happy accident.

Recently I started working on the scarf for my Christmas Invasion Tenth Doctor. Since I’m figuring out the pattern as I go, I found out that I need two skeins of each color. I only have one. So I ordered more. But I was really in a knitting mood and had nothing to knit. That’s when I turned to my shelves and pulled a bag of yarn I’ve been slowly adding to: the yarn for the Dude’s sweater on the Grid.

I found a pattern for the Dude’s sweater on Ravelry. I looked at the type of yarn they said to use and found a different brand that would work for what I needed. That’s what I’ve been working on buying. When I started working on it, I thought the yarn seemed a little too bulky but didn’t worry about it. Today I looked at the yarn they wanted me to use and then looked at what I was using: I was right. The yarn I’m using is super bulky, not bulky. As far as I can tell that means it’s going to be longer and a little wider than intended.

So, instead of panicking, I decided to think. Who says that when the Dude was transported to the grid that the color scheme is the only thing that changed about his sweater. If it’s a little longer, it’ll just look a little bit more like Kevin Flynn’s black robes, and I do not mind that at all. Also, clothing looks a bit different on the Grid. Why not have a longer sweater? Now I may have to do a little adjusting with the sleeves, or just roll up the cuffs.

And the one thing that is really making this project enjoyable: Knit Picks. The pattern suggests using circular needles to bear the weight of the pieces better than straights would. Considering there are four different sizes being used throughout the project, I decided to go with interchangeable circulars. I am so glad I did. I started off with US6 and then changed to US10. I just unscrewed one set and screwed on the other. So awesome!


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