Upcoming and Updates – September

I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to regularly post an update on what I’m working on and a quick overview of what’s coming up.

I’ll start with what’s coming up since that’s quicker. First there’s Halloween. Right now my plan is Columbia in her pjs for class the Thursday before and Gaz for my friends’ party. I’m tempted to bring out Tim for class on Tuesday just for fun.

There’s really only one thing I’m working on right now, the Fangirl. Regular updates are on the Tumblr, but I’ll recap quickly. I’m working on the first glove for the Fourth Doctor. The gloves will be useful in both outfits, if I ever get around to doing the Victorian-style one. I also found leg-warmers for the War Doctor. I’m considering replacing the buttons that are on them with ones that are closer to what are on his spats.

That’s really it right now. After the chaos of prepping for DragonCon, I’m glad for some quiet. It’s nice.


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