17 days to go…

Let the chaos begin!

I have my app installed, my packing list ready, and three out of five costumes to complete. Here’s the plan:
Friday Morning: First Doctor bathing suit for Bathing Beauties photoshoot
Friday Afternoon: Harry Dresden for Legendary Sleuths photoshoot
Friday Evening: SG-13 Woodland Uniform for the Intergalactic Military Ball
Saturday Morning: Post-regeneration Tenth Doctor for the parade and PA photoshoot
Saturday Afternoon/Evening: Dr. Shannon Abbey

After that I don’t know. I know Dr. Abbey will be making another appearance over the weekend. I think it’ll depend on how she’s received on Saturday. I think my SG-13 Uniform will round out the weekend. Luckily either costume would be comfy to travel home in on Monday.

But I can’t wear most of them if I don’t get them done. I’ve decided that Harry’s old coat will work if I don’t have time to get the new one made. Does it look the best? No. Will I still look like Harry? Yes. Although, if Jim has a book signing on Sunday, I may pack a different wig and pentacle and go for my genderbend Harry.

The Doctor’s swimsuit is the biggest hurdle to overcome right now. I have cut out the pattern. That’s it. I need to make the mock up, alter it as necessary, and get it made. I’m hoping to get it started today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a fitting mock up.

I’m also hoping that by tomorrow I’ll have two bright orange t-shirts ready to go for Dr. Abbey. They’re clean; I just have to make the stencils and get them painted. Thankfully that’s all I need for Dr. Abbey.

Speaking of stencils, I should make sure I have them ready for printing and get started!


4 thoughts on “17 days to go…

  1. Hey, I was wondering where and when the Legendary Sleuths photoshoot is–I can’t find it in the photoshoot list and I’d really like to go!

      1. Awesome, thank you! If y’all don’t mind duplicates, my GF and I are dressing as Tintin and Poirot–we’ll be there either way. 🙂

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