17 days to go…

Let the chaos begin!

I have my app installed, my packing list ready, and three out of five costumes to complete. Here’s the plan:
Friday Morning: First Doctor bathing suit for Bathing Beauties photoshoot
Friday Afternoon: Harry Dresden for Legendary Sleuths photoshoot
Friday Evening: SG-13 Woodland Uniform for the Intergalactic Military Ball
Saturday Morning: Post-regeneration Tenth Doctor for the parade and PA photoshoot
Saturday Afternoon/Evening: Dr. Shannon Abbey

After that I don’t know. I know Dr. Abbey will be making another appearance over the weekend. I think it’ll depend on how she’s received on Saturday. I think my SG-13 Uniform will round out the weekend. Luckily either costume would be comfy to travel home in on Monday.

But I can’t wear most of them if I don’t get them done. I’ve decided that Harry’s old coat will work if I don’t have time to get the new one made. Does it look the best? No. Will I still look like Harry? Yes. Although, if Jim has a book signing on Sunday, I may pack a different wig and pentacle and go for my genderbend Harry.

The Doctor’s swimsuit is the biggest hurdle to overcome right now. I have cut out the pattern. That’s it. I need to make the mock up, alter it as necessary, and get it made. I’m hoping to get it started today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a fitting mock up.

I’m also hoping that by tomorrow I’ll have two bright orange t-shirts ready to go for Dr. Abbey. They’re clean; I just have to make the stencils and get them painted. Thankfully that’s all I need for Dr. Abbey.

Speaking of stencils, I should make sure I have them ready for printing and get started!


4 thoughts on “17 days to go…

  1. Hey, I was wondering where and when the Legendary Sleuths photoshoot is–I can’t find it in the photoshoot list and I’d really like to go!

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