Intergalactic Military Ball

Today my hubby showed me an awesome new item in the Dragon*Con Store.

Challenge Coins!

This year they are holding their Inaugural Intergalactic Military Ball. As you can see, a multitude of fandoms will be welcomed, which got me thinking. At first, my Star Trek uniform dress popped to mind. Then I remembered my underused SG-13 uniform. Later, while talking with my hubby, I realized that any incarnation of the Doctor from his third regeneration onward does work for U.N.I.T. But, considering I would love for my hubby to come as well in his Star Trek uniform (since he looks soooo good in it!), I would stick with my choice of SG-13 uniform.

Considering I’m trying to keep the amount of costumes I take down to a minimum, and the timing of the ball, that means I’m not taking my Dr. Horrible Groupie. I’m also probably not going to take Dawn, mostly because I’m hoping to be able to bring Harry for the Legendary Sleuths group. That’s if I can get his coat done in time.


2 thoughts on “Intergalactic Military Ball

  1. I’m putting together a SG-7 costume mainly because of this. Sadly didn’t get my challenge coin order in on time. Trying to decide if I want to go big and make it an off-world costume.

    1. Yay for Stargate uniforms! I didn’t get my order in either. Hopefully they’ll have some for sale at the ball and I can afford it by then. IMO, off-world costumes are more fun. 😉

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