Web inspired

This past weekend I found myself thinking of web comics. On Friday I got to hang out with a new group of fellow geeks and found myself thinking about MegaTokyo and Piro. So on Sunday I got out the wig, worked with it a bit, and got it ready to go with the Sad Kitty Ear hat. I’ve got pictures, they’re just not on the computer, yet.

Later on Sunday I went to the Laughing Ogre for the Slingshot Across America Tour book signing. Slingshot Across America is the book signing tour of Girls With Slingshots author Danielle Corsetto. When I was talking with the amazing, cool, and fun Danielle, we got talking about costumes. I told her of the awesome GWS costume I saw at Dragon*Con last year. When she showed interest in going to Dragon*Con, I immediately thought of going as Clarice. Specifically Clarice from this strip:

The second to last panel is the look I’m going for. I like the idea of running around a convention with two pistols and a bullet belt while wearing khakis and a brown sweater vest. I’ve already got the pants, one pistol, gloves, and shirt. I don’t need a wig and don’t need new glasses. I just need the vest, bullet belt, and other pistol. It’s going to be awesome.

But being the overachiever that I am, I’m thinking of throwing together a Hazel costume or two as well. Hazel is the main character, and there are times were I am totally Hazel. The only thing I really need for her is the wig. I’m hoping to get the Jeannie from Arda Wigs and turn the clip-on pony tail into a mess of curls. Now that I have a steamer, it can be done! I just need to be able to afford it first. Once I have that I just need to decide what empty beer bottle to have with me and figure out how to make a plush McPedro, since the official ones are sold out.


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