It’s clean!

I now have the ability to sew things at my sewing machine again. I just haven’t had the time to do any. Partially because of everything that is involved in getting the First Doctor Bathing Beauty right.

I don’t think I’ve fully explained this outfit yet. It might help explain why I keep not getting anything done about it.

The whole idea was dreamed up last year by one of my fellow Prydon Academy members. Why not do “swimsuit representations” of the Doctor? When they decided to do it again this year, I immediately lept on the First Doctor. I had a great idea. Most of the ladies decided to stay faithful to the character of their regeneration as well as the clothing style. Since the First Doctor is often wearing Edwardian-era clothing, a bathing suit of the same era popped into my mind. But I wanted to add a couple of props to really bring out the First Doctor’s style. I decided some goggles, with modifications, and an umbrella would do the trick.

Decided to try to stay as accurate as possible, I began to do some research. I wanted to use accurate fabric, which was easier than I anticipated. Flannel was commonly used for bathing suits. So I bought enough (I hope) in black. After a little searching, I finally found a pattern for an Edwardian-era bathing suit! The only problem is that it is one size and I have no idea how it will fit. My plan is to take some measurements, make a mock-up, and, hopefully, use that to make the suit.

That is the main reason I haven’t gotten around to making the suit. But I really want to get it done because I’ve shared my ideas and progress and people are looking forward to seeing it. Not to mention the fact that the group would be short a Doctor. I have a great black umbrella, in homage to his cane. I’ve bought and modified a pair of goggles, in homage to his monocle. I’m going to create a head scarf to wrap around the wig I have for Tim Bisley so a few tendrils of almost white hair can poke out. I have socks and shoes. I just need to get that mock-up made.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make enough working tomorrow that I can just relax on Sunday and squeeze in getting it started after church and the book signing and my friends’ housewarming party.


Maybe I’ll win the lottery.

At least I now have extra motivation. Once I get One done, I can get Harry’s coat done and bring him to Dragon*Con to be a part of another group!

I’m just a glutton for punishment, aren’t I?


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