Running out of time

There are 60 days left before Dragon*Con. Which means I have 55 days to get three costumes done and ready to go. That is part of why I am taking Tuesday off. My goal is to get my room clean and organized. That way I will have the space to use the sewing machine again. Hopefully that will inspire me to get going on those three costumes: Dawn from the back cover of Return of the Goddess, Dr. Shannon Abbey from Deadline and Blackout, and the First Doctor.

Dawn needs the least amount of work. I simply need to shorten the sleeves on her shirt and she’s ready to go.

Dr. Abbey is next with her t-shirts. I need to wash the t-shirts and make the stencils before I can stencil the shirts. I should be able to get that done on Tuesday.

The First Doctor needs the most amount of work. I have the umbrella. I have modified the goggles. I have a wig. I need to make the bathing suit. Kind of an important part. Since I’m using a vintage pattern, I’m planning to make a mock-up out of muslin first and then use that as the final pattern. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to start on that Tuesday, but I doubt it.

Hopefully on Wednesday I’ll have pictures of shirts to share with all of you! I hope.


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