Right now there’s been no progress on Harry because I’ve had a total lack of motivation to do anything but what I have to for school. And I did a little cleaning. Everything is sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be assembled.

Unfortunately my sewing table has gotten even more buried since I took that picture. But I’m hoping to get some of it cleared off this weekend, among other things (like maybe actually get to Harry’s wig).

But anyway, I am getting off topic. I have made a couple of additions off to the side. I have added a GoFundMe! button that is my new “tip jar”. Right now I’m trying to get a job or two so I have income to pay for things like rent. So if you have any spare change (literally, change is fine!), I would really appreciate it. Right now I’m trying to put school before work when it comes to scheduling, so it’s making getting a new job kinda hard.

Which brings me to my more fun other addition.
I have finally opened my Etsy store! Right now I only have two things listed: shield bracelets for Harry Dresden and bracelets for Kyo Sohma. If they sell well, I’m hoping to make and sell more. I’m also hoping to add some knitted items, but I’m trying to figure out what will sell right now. If there’s anything you’d like to see in the store, let me know! I’ll look into it.

I also have 2 wigs up on eBay right now. One would be great for Haruko from FLCL. I was actually planning on doing Haruko, but decided not to.

Okay. I’m done with the ads. I promise I won’t say anymore about them from here on out. Hopefully soon I’ll have some info about Harry’s progress!


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