Wig weekend

Yesterday my Arda Wigs order arrived! That means I have 4 new wig caps (2 black, 2 blonde), a wig head stand, and a canvas wig head! I got really lucky because they sell one size of canvas wig head, and it’s my size! Make sure to measure your head before your order a canvas head. The idea is having a head the same size as yours. You don’t want one too big or small because your styled wig won’t fit right.

Canvas wig head from Arda Wigs
Arda Wigs’ canvas wig head

But boy is it worth it. I would style a wig on a foam head, put it on, and it wouldn’t look the way it should. Last night I did some simple styling on the canvas head and saw a huge difference immediately. I was able to brush the wig out better since I wasn’t worried about tearing chunks out of the foam. It fit perfectly, so I was able to style it knowing how it would look on me. Tonight I’m going to pick up a few supplies so I can keep it clean when I’m doing more intense work.

Speaking of supplies, I have quite the list built up. I was looking for info about canvas wig heads and found a wonderful YouTube channel: WigginOutBZ. He is a professional who has some wonderful tutorials about wigs ranging from washing them to making them. His washing tutorial has me eager to get some new shampoo and try it out. I’ve got three wigs that have been used for Ten, which means they have a ton of hairspray and gel in them. The first I have yet to get fully clean. I’d like to get it clean so I can use it for Dr. Abbey. The second I’d like to get clean so I can use it for Arthur. The newest, and current wig for Ten, I just want to wash and steam so I need a minimal amount of hairspray and gel.

With the knowledge I gained from that tutorial, I’m going to work on washing most of my wigs this weekend. There are a few that I want to have clean and perfect because I’m selling them. Two were for costumes that I’ve decided not to go for. The other I’ve decided isn’t the best shade and I’m going to be replacing it. But considering I’d like to work on most of them some way, mostly steaming, this weekend, I figure having them clean before I do that is a good idea.

Well, that’s a lot more than I’ve posted here for a while! I’m going to be taking pictures as I go this weekend, so hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday there will be pictures. I promise!


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