Preparing for the weekend

I have a plan for this weekend. Well, I have a couple of plans, but only one is related to my costumes. I am going to work on my wigs. Yesterday I ordered a canvas wig head so I can properly style my wigs. There’s only so much you can do on a Styrofoam head that’s smaller than your head. The canvas head will be the same size as mine, so I can get them looking the way I need them to.

This morning I ordered the other piece of equipment I’ll need to get the fibers to lay how I want: a steamer. It’s just a hand-held, travel steamer for now. But I figure that’s a good place to start. Also I have no space for a full garment steamer right now. The steamer is another reason why I ordered the canvas head. I don’t see steam and Styrofoam working well together. This is going to give me so much more control over the wigs and they are going to look so much better when I’m done with them.



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