Summer break

These next two weeks are the break between semesters. I have a simple goal for these next two weeks: get the apartment cleaned up.

I’m being realistic. I’d love to get the First Doctor Bathing Beauty finished in these two weeks. But my room is an absolute mess, which is part of why Harry’s coat isn’t done yet. If I can just get the place clean, I will have the space to work on costumes.

I’ve got to get One and Dr. Abbey done for Dragon*Con. I’ve got Harry’s new coat sitting in pieces waiting to be sewn together. I’ve got a bunch of supplies for a couple of other costumes that hasn’t been touched. But I can’t do any of that while my sewing table is covered in unrelated stuff.

So, hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll be able to successfully reach that goal. Then this place will get busy again! Hopefully.


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