This weekend I actually got something done for two costumes. I washed the fabrics for Harry’s new coat and One’s bathing suit! This is the first time I’ve washed the fabric before cutting and sewing.

What can I say, usually I’m so excited to get going that I just dive right in. But now I’m more concerned about making a well-made costume that will last through the years and still look good. I don’t want one washing to completely ruin it. Not that anything like that’s happened, yet. But I figure if I’m going to take the time to make sure it fits right and do good strong seams, I might as well prep things first.

Now if I can get Dr. Abbey’s shirts washed Saturday, I can paint them Sunday and have her ready to go. I might be able to get a pic done and get Becks’ badge finished too. It would be really nice to get these two finished.

And as much as I want/need to get started on my genderbend Ten, I’m working on getting in better shape. So I figure I should wait until I know what shape I’m going to be in before cutting into this fabric that I cannot buy any more of and have a very limited amount of to begin with.

Oh the frustrations of a cosplayer.


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