Yeah. This weekend. Nothing costume-related happened. I was all ready to get started on Harry when I realized I didn’t have enough space in the living room to lay out the fabric. Grrrr. And I managed to totally forget to get things set up to get the photo for Becks ID done. Grrrrr.

One thing did happen, though. Columbia’s Mickey Mouse ears arrived! Columbia is done and ready for Halloween!

Yes, I have managed to get my Halloween costume done while I still need to finish up two for Marcon and make two and finish one more for Dragon*Con. But, getting the ears off of eBay is simple compared to the others. I’m starting to think I need to block off March Saturdays for costume work. I really think if I can get Becks and Harry finished, my motivation will keep me going to get Dr. Abbey, One and Ten done.

I can dream.


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