Weekend priorities

As much as I want to, and probably will, work on my haori this weekend, I need to get working on things for Marcon. I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but I finally have the motivation to do it!

Yesterday my new black canvas for Harry’s new coat arrived. I’m hoping to at least get everything cut and ready for sewing. I’m also hoping that getting that done will create momentum and I’ll just keep going and do the sewing. But I have class Saturday morning, which gets done around the time I usually get up. So hopefully that and the nap afterwards won’t throw me off too much. But since the fabric is black, I can use my new perforated tracing wheel and pounce to transfer the pattern and leave it whole for once!

Tonight when I get home, if I’m not totally exhausted, I may go ahead and get the head-shot I need for Becks so I can print out the ID tomorrow and get her finished, finally. I just realized that would work out really, really well. That way I can completely focus on Harry.

Who knows, getting Harry and Becks done may motivate me to get working on my Dragon*Con costumes. Considering I need to completely make two of them and get a t-shirt finished up for a third, I need that to happen.


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