So, Shigure…

Just like last year, the Kimono 101 & 102 panel at Ohayocon has me thinking about kimono! That means Shigure has been on my mind.

Shigure SohmaI’ve had everything to get his kimono made, I just didn’t have the time or desire to do the dyeing. I decided to go with muslin and dye it the right color. I know it’s not the right kind of fabric to be using, but it’ll have the right look, which is the important thing here. Now I’m starting to get the urge to get it dyed and done. I guess the motivation’s because of the panel and getting my own yukata done; I’m in the mood to make kimono. :shrugs:

I’m mostly planning on going with the purple parasol in addition to the kimono, but while looking at screenshots to be sure that his sleeves are closed at the end I saw a few where he’s wearing a haori. That got me thinking about making one for him too. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it. That way if I go to Ohayocon again, I’d have that extra layer to keep me warm while still being in costume. Also I could work a few pockets into the inside to carry stuff. You can never have enough hidden pockets in a costume.


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