Another day, Another Dawn

I was sitting here and randomly started thinking about my attempts at Dawn. You know Dawn, right? This lovely goddess:

I realized that what’s been holding me back is myself. Then I had a breakthrough. I thought I had to portray Dawn the same way she’s portrayed in the books, and it never looks the way I envision it. But if I started from the point of “What would I wear?” instead of “What would Dawn wear?”, I would come up with something that I would like and would actually look the way I think it will.

Soon after that the costume started assembling itself in my mind. That’s usually a really good sign. I started with jeans and boots, then added a corset using fabrics I was planning to use on my very first attempt. But I really don’t look good, in my opinion, with bare shoulders. Then my mind did its magic and added a men’s shirt under the corset, unbuttoned down to the corset of course. I think of that and go “I would look amazing in that!” Add the hair, rose, and chain and I have a new Dawn to work on!

Luckily it’s not going to cost me much. Like I said, I have the Fashion (main) fabric for the corset, I just need lining, interfacing, and boning. Hopefully I can swing by Jo-Ann’s this week while the lining and interfacing are still on sale, pick up the boning with a 50% off coupon, and have everything ready to go.

I know it’s adding yet another costume to the list of stuff to work on, but it’s simply the corset, and I don’t have to have it done by a specific time. I’ll work on it when I can and just go from there. It’s going to be so much fun!


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