It begins

Tonight, the first of my recent cosplay purchases arrives! My lab coat for Dr. Abbey and, hopefully, my tights for Dawn. I’m hoping that their arrival will inspire me to get more done. I need to clean up my room to get a holiday present finished up, so that won’t be an excuse anymore. I just need to stencil on one t-shirt to get Dr. Abbey ready to go. I have everything for Dawn’s shirt, so if I can get that done, I’ll be a lot closer to having her done. I think at that point I’ll only have the sword to make and the corset to buy. If I didn’t have so much planned for Dragon*Con already, I’d take her this year.

I’m also thinking of stopping by Sally Beauty Supply and pick up some razor blades so I can get working on wigs. I need to do some major trimming on Junpei’s wig. Kyo’s wig could use at least a trim on the bangs. After that I can dye Junpei’s and try braiding Kyo’s and have them ready to go. It’ll be nice to have them looking the same as the vision in my head. Having two more costumes ready to go is always a good thing.


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