Time for some reality

I have been planning an original Dawn costume for a couple of years now. I started it back when there was still the Dawn Look-a-Like contest at Dragon*Con, if that helps. While the details have changed over the years, one basic thing that has stayed the same is an underbust corset. I really, really wanted to make this completely myself. But I keep thinking about making a corset and all the things that can go wrong and how little I really know about it and I panic.

So I’ve taken a few deep breaths and a step back from it. I’ve realized that how it looks is more important to me than how it’s made. I’m going to give myself the time to work on learning how to make a corset well and then make what I want to use for that outfit. Until then, I’ve found a corset that has inspired how I want the one I will make to look, so I’m just going to get it. This way I know everything will look how I want it to, and I don’t have to worry about it coming out right or messing it up and having to abandon wearing it.

With that pressure gone, I feel much more motivated to get everything else finished. The shirt and pants are going to be nice and simple. Once I figure out what type of sword I want to make, that will get the focus it deserves. It’s such a good feeling to be able to relax and know that my vision will finally be brought to life!


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