Fun times

Yesterday was so much fun. Well after I finally got the make-up looking right after an hour and a half. But that’s probably not bad for going from female to male. It took most people at least a few seconds to recognize me. That was probably the most fun part of the whole thing.

Myself dressed as Tim Bisley after spending an hour and a half using make-up to contour my face to look more masculine.

When the linguistics teacher came in, she didn’t notice at first. Then she turned around. Jaw hit the floor. It was wonderful. A little later the ASL lab assistant I know walked by and immediately leaned back in the doorway. Jaw hit the floor. I just started laughing. The teacher noticed and said, “Yeah. I did the same thing!”

Once linguistics was done, I was going to go up to talk with my ASL teacher. But he was right outside the door when class finished. Like everyone else, he commented on my hair. While we were hanging out before class, I mentioned that. Everyone commented on my hair and the overall look, but no one commented on my lack of boobs. I had to make it really obvious (without actually showing the binder) before he got it. After regaining his ability to speak, due to amusement and a little shock, he asked how. I explained the binder and no, it doesn’t hurt. That says a lot for my ASL skills that I was able to explain it quickly and clearly.

Tonight is going to be fun. I decided to go with Return of the Goddess (back cover) Dawn. It’s a simple and comfy costume that I could get into quickly this morning. But after work I’m going to the ASL lab. I can’t wait to see the look on her face and the fun that’s going to come with last night. I love cosplay!


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