Dawn, Return of the Goddess

Back when I first got into doing Dawn, I did what any good cosplayer does: search Google Images for reference pics. That’s when I first saw this:

The back cover of the Return of the Goddess graphic novel shows Dawn sitting on the floor with her knees bent, feet flat on the floor, wearing a baseball-style t-shirt with white as the main color and red sleeves, jeans and sneakers.

I loved how simple the outfit was. And I had a t-shirt that was the same style. It had writing on the front and back, but hey, don’t we all have a little Dawn in us? But I could never find a good time to wear it. There was always someone else I wanted to wear more. Then Halloween rolled around this year and I was told we’d be allowed to dress up on Halloween. Hmm…

Myself as Dawn with my head on my hands; chain wrapped around my left wrist, rose wrapped around my right; wig and baseball t-shirt too.

I have a bigger chain, but I’m not sure how to make it work yet. I’m figuring wire and fashion tape will keep it in place. I am also going to sit down and cut the sleeves so they’re 3/4 length instead. This shirt was originally intended for Haruko, but I’ve decided not to do her. Considering all I have to do is shorten the sleeves, I am grateful I didn’t do anything to it so it’s perfect for this. Hopefully I’ll have it finished for MARcon in May.


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