Crossing over

I usually keep my cosplays limited to just one source. I may genderbend them or make them gijinka, but I’ve never done a crossover. Until now.

Well, not exactly now, but I have a great idea and I really, really want to do it. A random thought popped into my head Wednesday and it won’t go away. The Dude on the Grid. I blame it on all the TRON: Legacy screenshots I was looking at earlier in the day. I know that Kevin Flynn definitely has his Dude moments, but he is definitely not The Dude. I think this could really work.

Picture it. Take The Dude’s sweater and do it in black and white. Add a disc mount to the back for the identity disc. White t-shirt and black leggings (I’m going to genderbend it too, did I mention that?) with tabi boots that have the jelly sandals painted on in white. And to complete the look, a glass of tasty blue beverage.

I think this could really work. It’ll definitely make people do a double take. Now if I can just figure out how to have the disc mount on the back be sturdy enough to hold the disc, but removable for everyday wear.


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