It’s now official. I’m going to MARcon! I’ve registered and reserved my hotel room. I am so excited!

I was never this excited for Ohayocon, but I think I know why. First, I was going to the con every day from my apartment. I figured, why bother getting a hotel room? Last year I realized why: when you have time to kill between panels, you have to find somewhere to hang out. If you have a room, you have a comfy, private place to hang out.

Second, I was limited with costumes. If I was tired of being in said cosplay, I was stuck until I headed out for the day. Now I’m taking five cosplays with me. Five! It’s going to be great having options.

Third, I never felt like waiting for the late-night panels that looked interesting. Partially due to having to hang out around the convention center. Partially due to having to head home later. Now I can stay and go to whichever panels I want to.

This is going to be so much fun!

I suppose since I mentioned I’m bringing 5 cosplays, I should list which.
– Arthur Dent
– Jane Lane (Antisocial Climbers)
– SG-13 Woodland
– Rebecca Atherton
– Dawn (Return of the Goddess)
I think this list isn’t going to be changing. The only thing I can think of changing would be Jane. If it’s going to be ridiculously warm, and I have no UnderArmour by then, I’ll switch to regular Jane. But either one needs more con love, so it’ll be good either way.


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