Gaz Membrane

Gaz Membrane is Dib’s younger sister on Invader Zim. She is just so much fun!
Gaz standing over Dib
But I couldn’t see myself doing her exactly from the show. Then my inner fan artist kicked in and said “Why not do her in her late 20’s/early 30’s?” Considering that’s my age range, it quickly came together. It was simply a case of changing how the everything looked, from head to toe.

I decided to go with longer hair for her. Mostly because I already had a long purple wig for Miho that would work perfectly for Gaz. I had bought the Ferrari in Electric Purple and straightened it. I french braided it back and that’s it. I may try dying it so it’s a little closer to her hair color.

Instead of going with the skull she has, I did a little looking and found a great Celtic knot pendant with skulls at the intersections. It looks great, and very Gaz.

The dress was changed a lot. I bought some grey and black striped socks from Sock Dreams and cut off the toes to make sleeves. Then I’ll just wear a black cami under my black corset. To finish it off, I made a skirt out of black men’s cargo pants, trimmed with purple bais tape. I’m also going to add a wallet chain, because it just feels right to me.

I felt that the striped sleeves were my limit for stripes, so I decided to go with purple tights. Then I decided my black workboots would be perfect and she’s ready to go!


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