Christmas inspiration

Way back in 2011 I debuted my Christmas Invasion Tenth Doctor at Dragon*Con.

I have not worn it since.

I was tired of all the “Arthur Dent!” I got at the con. Also it was really hot in the parade. So I figured I’d retire it.

But today I had a couple of ideas. One is almost common sense: don’t put on the hot stuff until the parade starts. That way I won’t die of heat before we even start moving. I should be able to survive the parade since it’s really not that long once you get going.

The second one gave me a great way to distinguish myself from Arthur without having the sonic out.

Why not? Wear the Season 18 scarf with the pyjamas and it’ll scream Doctor! I was thinking the only way to distinguish myself would be to make the sword, which I may eventually do. But the scarf is an easier (in it’s own way) way to distinguish the character. Having contacts and (hopefully) sideburns will help too. Also it’ll give me an excuse to tackle the Season 18 scarf.

It’s going to be great!


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