Worries and Discoveries

I’ve realized something. I’ve set quite a large challenge for myself with the Tenth Doctor blue suit. I’ve got five yards of the pre-reweave Magnoli fabric. The patten calls for more. And I need to match up stripes. Granted it’s only at the shoulders, pocket flaps, and the collar. The only way I can know I’ll have enough is to go through and draw pinstripes on the muslin before I make the mock-up. I’m just hoping that the pattern is calling for more fabric than I need, or there are places where I don’t need to use the fabric because it’ll never be seen.

On a completely separate note, I have made an awesome discovery thanks to the Cosplay.com boards. One of the members posted a pic of one of her costumes with the character smoking. She mentioned she recently bought some e-cigs for use with smoking characters since she doesn’t smoke. It turns out they make e-cig cartridges with no nicotine! After asking about it, she pointed me in the right direction. I’m going to go ahead and get some when tax season arrives. Right now Tim Bisley is my only smoking character, but I’d rather have the e-cigs for him than the fake ones from the costume store. Also, when I eventually get Shigure done, I’ll have cigs for him too! This is going to be awesome! Now I’ll just have to find out how cons handle e-cigs. I wonder if I can show documentation that they are e-cigs and nicotine free they’ll let me use them.


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